George, who Celebrates Adha Eid [A Must Read & Must Share Story]

Let’s read the story of George, who celebrates Adha Eid

George is an American man who is over 50 years old. He lives in Washington with his wife, his son & his daughter.

When Dhul Hijja was coming near, George started to catch the news to know when Dhul Hijja will start exactly. He watched the TV, his wife listened to the radio & his son surfed the internet and checked some Islamic sites.

When they knew when Dhul Hijja would start, they prepared themselves for Adha Eid which is on the 10th of Dhul Hijja.

On the second day, they went & bought a sheep (according to Islamic rulings) to slaughter it on the first day of Eid.

They took the sheep in their car, and on the way, the little girl was expressing her joy of having Eid. She was happy that she’ll wear her new dress & go with her peers to play. She wished that all days are Eid.

When they got home, the wife told George: “I’ve read that we should cut the sheep into three parts (according to Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad – Peace & Blessings be Upon Him). We should give the first part to the poor, second part to our neighbors (Elizabeth, David & Mark) and the third is ours.”

When the day of Eid came, they were confused where the Qiblah is exactly. They assumed that it’s in a certain direction towards Ka’aba. He hold the knife, put the sheep towards the Qiblah & slaughtered it. The wife hurried to cut the sheep into three parts as agreed.

Suddenly, George remembered & shouted: “We’re late for church! Today is Sunday, and we’ll miss the Sunday Mass!”

George was a committed Christian. He always made sure to take his wife and kids with him.


Ahmad finished his story about George.

A guy from the audience exclaimed: “You confused us! Is George a Muslim or a Christian?!”

Ahmad replied: “George is a Christian who believes in three Gods. He doesn’t believe in Prophet Mohammad – Peace & Blessings be Upon Him – as being the last & final messenger”.

A voice from the crowd said: “Don’t lie to us Ahmad! Who could believe that George & his family would do that?! How could a Christian do Muslims’ rituals?? A Christian wouldn’t wait for Dhul Hijja, buy a sheep to slaughter.. blah blah….”

Ahmad smiled sarcastically & said: “My beloved brothers, why do you find it so hard to believe my story? Why can’t you believe that such a Christian family exists?”

Isn’t there in our Muslim community..

Like: Abdullah, Mohammad, Khaled, Khadija or Fatima who celebrates Christian or Jewish Holidays?

Don’t we celebrate New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s, Halloween, Easter.. blah blah.. ??

George is a Christian who celebrates our Eid!

Why can’t believe that?

Why are refusing George’s acts?

Why don’t we refuse our acts?

Finally, Ahmad said:

I’ve lived in the U.S. for more than ten years now.

I swear by Allah, I never saw a Christian or a Jew who celebrates any of our Eids.

I’ve never heard of anyone who asked about them either.

Even when I invited them for a Eid Fitr celebration in my apartment, no one attended when they knew it’s Muslim’s Eid.

I’ve that in the West, and when I returned back to my Muslim country, I find Muslims celebrating Christian & Jewish holidays.

What shall I say except:

There is no power and no might except by Allah.


2 pemikiran pada “George, who Celebrates Adha Eid [A Must Read & Must Share Story]

  1. Bismillah.


    Cuma mau mengoreksi sedikit. Lambang Bulan-Bintang (crescent) bukan simbol/lambang Islam. Islam tidak punya lambang kecuali mungkin bendera hitam La ilaha illalllah yang dikibarkan oleh pasukan shahabat di perang-perang. Malahan lambang Bulan-Bintang adalah simbol agama pagan, wal’iyyadzubillah.

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